a future museum


Within the main space of the 'museum' was situated an interactive projection, controlled from a ‘touch pad’ placed on a large wooden table. From this vantage point, the viewer was able to explore a visual archive comprised of images of people, objects and landscapes accumulated over the course of the residency.


The main interface of this interactive projection was comprised from a series of images of ephemeral orange objects being manually rotated by the artist’s fingers on a turntable. (A fully interactive working version of this interface is available on this site). The viewer was able to interactively intervene with this rotation, selecting whether to view ‘Portretten' (Portraits), 'Objecten' (Objects) or ‘Landschappen' (Landscapes). These three categories configured as they are around the ‘Portrait’ the ‘Still Life’ and the ‘Landscape Painting’, are derived from the conventional English perception of traditional Dutch art (sometimes referred to as ‘Dutch Golden Age Painting’). 

Orange Interface